Tuesday, October 04, 2005


We have arrived in this incredible city, after an eventful journey down the coast. We had elected to take this route because it was ¨flat¨ and ¨relaxing¨. I am not so up on my European geography, but apparently, the Pyranees run pretty much into the ocean. The ride was incredibly beautiful and challenging. The coastline was like Highway 1 times 5 which would make it Highway 5, but for all the Californians, it was anything but. The Med was exquisite and it was quite an experience to pass the border on a two-lane highway mountain pass. Scott has insisted that we have been in a James Bond movie since we hit the coast(For Your Eyes Only).

One interesting thing about camping when the season is all but over has been the pack of cats that lurk and emerge with the sunset wherever we go. They were presumably well-fed during the high season, but now that it is over, they are getting bolder and more desperate. At our last camping in France, Scott and I made friends with one of these cats, confusing affection with hunger. We bought it a bag of food, and this just created cat fights that we heard throughout the night. This cat was so grateful that it wanted to be associated with us, and showed us in the way that it knew, by peeing on our tent in the night. This was not the effect we were looking for. We were more hoping for a long purr and knowing grin, but we got the pee. From then on, even after diligent scouring, our tent has been the subject of curiosity and competition among the campground cats. Scott would like to add that is really smells like New Zealand Savignon Blanc, but after the Provence lavender spray we got, I think it smells like cat pee in the lavender bush. We did make a great friend at our second campsite in Spain, South of Girona (Haribo´s main factory, for those who are wondering) who Scott named Small Paws. She seemed to not be so interested in the pee spot as in us, for which we showered her with affection. While we were giving her some scratches, thunder and lightning surprised us all and after Scott gave me a sweet, pleading look, Small Paws spent the night in our tent, after Scott shoved her face in the pee spot and made her promise in cat language that she would NOT pee there. She didn´t and she spent most of the night in his sleeping bag, purring loudly. We miss her, and wish we could have taken her with us.

On our way down, we went to Dali´s exhibit/theatre in his hometown, Figueres. It was an incredible experience- exhibits that are a whole room- one whole room is a living room from afar, but when seen from a certain angle- a portrait of Mae West. Very unique. We are exited to explore Barcelona tomorrow and are taking a few days rest. For those who ever plan on camping in Barcelona, DON¨T. Every road becomes a freeway and I can´t tell you how happy we were to lay on our thermarests last night, after negotiating the city for 6 hours. We will be updating soon, and we appreciate all the feedback and comments!


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Blogger chris said...

you're in spain! yay! you should check out granada, where lindsey did a semester abroad - she loved it. have fun you crazy kids.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Hi guys! Harley wanted me to tell you that he would love to pee in your tent. He expressed this desire by peeing on my chair this morning...little jerk...
We miss you guys!!

9:43 AM  
Blogger Storm-E said...

Stormy here - don't forget to have tapas with Ronaldinho in Barthelona and get the latest haircut with boy Beckham in Madrid.

I am enjoying your blog immensely - many safe travels to you both.

Scotty, kudos on your gal radar because Sarah is cracking me up with her wittiness. Perhaps a glass of fine NZ Sauvignon Blanc to wash this down...

Remember - keep your vitals protected, it's Kung Fu High School season!

12:53 PM  

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