Thursday, September 29, 2005

A quick review

I thought I would quickly go through the food that we love here and the weird stuff we have eaten. Our knowledge is a bit limited, seeing that we only eat cheap stuff from the grocery store and have not gone out to eat since Switzerland, so that explains our weird nominations. (This, in case you are wondering is the kind of thing we discuss on our bikes, or, like a few hours ago when we had quietly been riding and gazing at the Pyrenees and Scott says to me, "do you think that Justin Timberlake looks like Orlando Bloom" "Um, yeah, kind of...why" "oh, I was just wondering if they like to cycle" Clearly. They do look alike, though. But I digress...

Favorite foods

Belgium- the waffles, of course, with little yummy chunks of sugar in them
Holland- Fred and Ed Hazelnoot Pasta (hazelnut paste) Basically nutella in a squeeze bottle that, in an emergency, you can squeeze right into your mouth.
Denmark-the danishes, of course, each bit of it was like the best inside part of a cinnamon roll.
Norway-either the reindeer or the soup that Doris made
Germany- the potato pancakes at the Brewery, and the pretzels
France-the cheese and baguettes.

Now, the weird stuff we have eaten:

Malteaser- you may have though, as I did, that this is a tasty treat found in the frozen section that is like a malted yummy thing in a bite-size package. I bought one for each of us, and Scott took a BIG bite of his, and it apparently is some sort of yeast starter with the consistancy of water and corn starch. Not a treat.
Horse meat- well, we don't speak french and we are bargain shoppers in the meat section so put two and two together. What tipped us off was the it tasted WEIRD and there was a picture of a cowboy on the package and one had the Italian translation which Scott was sad to read. No more really cheap salami. Ew.
The grossest fondue chenoise ever- This was in Switzerland and Scott and I were treaing ourselves to our first dinner in a restaraunt, and we should have known because it was the one restaraunt so it didn't matter what it tasted like. The broth had a weird koosh-ball looking thing that was maybe seaweed but we were really far from the ocean, you get the idea.
Gross cheese- This is bound to happen, again refer to the bargain shopping. We were eating this one that was so slimy and it was a windy day and getting everywhere, even in my hair and after choking it down I realized why it was grossing me out so much. It smelled like goat poop. Insult to injury, there was no running water, so I had the smell on my hands for the rest of the day.
That is all I can think of for now, but I am sure there is more.

Right now we are headed toward the windy section right at the border. This part of France had been really interesting- flamingos and bull fights and beautiful beaches. Next stop...Espana!


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